Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ow that hurt. 30.9 miles, I didn't notice but the wind was with me on the way out and very strongly against me on the way back, not a good strategy. My legs are on fire now and I got back around 1100. It took 2.5 hours, I've never ridden that route so I thought it might replicate the challenge, in that I won't know when to push hard and I'd have to save plenty in the tank. Ice cold bath when I came home has helped although hurt at the time and my son Tomos sprinkled cold water in all the wrong places with a mini watering can. I'm going to relax this aft with a Viennese Finger and a couple of Old Speckled Hens for the pain. Tomos can be seen in the picture with his eyes closed from the excitement.

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