Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bit stiff this morning, having read back through my blog I realized unless you've linked to this via my Virgin Money Giving or Facebook page you might not know what it's about.

My sister Lucy became ill with lung cancer in October 2011 and she died in January 2012 aged 32. She was a beautiful, amazing person and a mad mountain biker.

I am cycling from Huntingdon via London to Swansea. That's 290 miles over 5 days, 50% on road and 50% off road. Lucy and I planned to do this event before she became ill. We never got around to doing together but now I will be completing it for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

I'll start the challenge on Tuesday 21st August 2012 in Huntingdon and I'll be in Hatfield by the evening, on the 22nd I'll have reached Twyford, on the 23rd I'll be in Chippenham, Cardiff on the 24th and Swansea on the 25th.
Please support me and help lung cancer suffers and thier families.

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