Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wet crack

I'm beginning to feel there's an ass theme to this blog but honestly today, wet crack was an issue. I set out for the normal route and it's was raining, which had settled into the slightly harder end of mizzle, mizzling I guess. The usual areas get wet the face, head, legs and then every so often I'd go through a puddling sending water arcing up my hitting my ruck sack and trickling down my back. Cold and wet I ground out a good time today, 3 hours and 20 mins so I've shaved 10 mins off my time to do 40 miles.

As I got close to Cambridge Regional College, I saw two girls riding one biking coming towards me. One was riding the bike sat in the saddle, the other her "friend" was sat on the luggage rack behind, dangling her feet and while her mate couldn't see her she was merrily texting away. Not even making an effort to give her mate some help, she didn't even have the good grace to look ashamed.

I have decided to give my bike a service, probably tomorrow, cricket is cancelled and wading bird watching will take it place instead and I need something marginally less boring to do. I am getting a little excited and nervous now as we build pace towards the big day. I'm thinking of buying my own GPS and trying to get the wife to accept that £160 replaces the £8 we spend once every two years on maps and that now with the GPS, it will pay itself off in 40 years then we're into pure profit

This is the guided busway, I cycle on the right and in theory the buses stay in those concrete channels, which  in my experience, they have so far. I know what you are thinking, it's flat and not good training for what I am going to do but I plan to ask Sustrans to make the rest of the UK flat as well before 21st August.

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