Thursday, 12 July 2012

aaaaaah it's coming!

44 days to go! I've had a call from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation on the 10th of August I'll be meeting with Laura Irving a new Director at the charity, I'm really quite excited, we're going for lunch just like real people do. I'm thinking there's only 4 ass bruising rides on the Cambridge Guided Busway. I've still got no head cam or GPS so any help would be great. Young Phil Moss one of Manchester's finest is up for doing a bit of biking so potentially some company in sections where I was at risk from bear or urban fox attack on my own. Things seem to be moving along and the event at the Swansea end now involves two pubs, a possible hog roast and my lovely step-sister-in-law singing in the evening. I will have that in my mind and the Swansea Brewing Company's Three Cliffs Gold brewed in the brewhouse next door to the pub, Pwll Ddu is Lucy's favorite beach, our local beach and where her ashes were scattered. Also Lucy was prone to drinking a few Pwll Ddu XXX's from time to time as well as Three Cliffs Gold
.Google images of Pwll Ddu it's breath taking.

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