Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 5 The Final

Cardiff to Swansea forecast 50 miles, actual 54 miles

This is me at 6 in the morning having completed 98.8 miles the night before, that's how you get that look, I fell out of bed 20  mins ago having ate a piece of toast and a danish.

Ashley and I set off with Phil still looking really rough having thrown up all night, he was having stomach cramps and sat in the back of the motorhome. There was still pressure though Ashley and I set off and the area around the airport was quite rolling. I kept appraising Ashley of how far we'd come 5 miles at a time, We got to 10 pretty quickly but painfully, I persuaded Ashley to take regular but short stops for water and map checking but really to rest. We went through Lantwit Major on to St Brides Major where we met Phil and Pops, Phil was thumbs down under a warm looking sheet. Ashley and I were a bit stiff but tea and lemon cake helped. We pushed on but as we saw the coast I could see where we would have to cycle across and it looked hilly. We went North to Bridgend, Ashley and I wasted at least half an hour trying to go along a closed road but alas we couldn't get through some fences. Before long we found ourselves in Margam in a layby and Phil was really chipper, he'd made a miraculous recovery and was ready to join the ride his steel steed, back in the pack. I was excited as was Pops it was 100 and we we're well on time, we smashed it through Taibacha nd Port Talbot before getting lost after crossing the Tawe in Swansea but then just following the fans to the Liberty Stadium.

Arriving at Jersey Marine 1130 to an advance reception party.

By this time we were really excited but tired, some bucket shaking and then waiting in the stadium watching the match on the big screen but looking down the players tunnels, really weird. Eventually we went out on to the pitch at halftime and waved wildly. We then had a can of Carling each in Morrisons car park before heading back towards Bishopston 7 miles from the Liberty.  The Mayals hill stands between us, 3 phases of painful hell until we reach the Common, both Phil and Ashley loved this section. Crossing the common we were flagged down by Aluna, who liked celebrity stalker followed us to the Plough and mercifully bought us all a drink, mercifully as we had no cash and were tired, damp and very thirsty. We rested in the Plough for a while and fueled up on beer, crisps and nuts. After a while we headed over to the Joiners to a mad reception.

Time for beer and more celebrations

Photo: DSC_0264

Yellow jerseyed I drank and celebrated with all Lucy's good friends in the J and the Valley, sang Salt n Pepa's Push It on the karaoke. An out of body and unbelievable experience, thanks and big love to all that supported us. For Lucy, for Lung Cancer xxx

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